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Here's your present from the Unstressable course. 

Enjoy, Kevin

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Here's what else is in the 6-part Unstressable course:

  1. Problem: The problem with stress management (hint, it's reactive)
  2. Rest: Restful is not lazy. (But I bet you think it is!)
  3. Release: Please conscience, not people. (Oh, the freedom!)
  4. Resilience: A redemptive view of suffering. 
  5. Practice: Applying stoicism to life's most common stressors
  6. Resources: The best of the best! (If you're not a reader, don't worry I've got some video resources too!)

Plus an Unstressable workbook that you can keep forever and ever.

"This is a paradigm shift - from letting my thoughts stress me out to disciplining my thoughts, like Gandhi and Nelson Mandela. 


Lieutenant Commander of Indian Navy (retired) & CEO of Inspire & Lead Training

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