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Here's your present from the Storytelling for Trust, Truth & Profit course. 

Enjoy, Kevin

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Here's what else is in the 7-part Storytelling for Trust, Truth & Profit course: 

1. Problem: Why your PowerPoint isn't working for your clients

2. Trust: How to build trust in minutes, not years

3. Truth: How to influence without authority

4. Profit: How Nike, TOMS, and Harley built their brands

5. Practice: The four stories you need to be able to tell

6. Movement: Spreading a storyteller's mindset 

7. Resources: The best of the best! (Including videos for you non-readers) 

And you get a Storytelling workbook that you can keep forever and ever. 

"I used to talk a lot to cover my insecurity and fear of failure and rejection. When I took the course I was expecting great tips on branding and communication (and I wasn't disappointed), but I was surprised to find that it also gave me the courage to declare the truth about who I am and what I have to offer in a way that is succinct and powerful." 

- Nick, President of LIFEfilters.net

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