How to Tell Stories for Trust, Truth & Profit ($20)

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"I learned more in this one hour than I did in a full one-day seminar on storytelling."  - Anya, Accenture

"Now I know how to build long-lasting client relationships."  - Amit, PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers)

"I used to talk a lot to cover my insecurity and fear of failure and rejection. When I took the course I was expecting great tips on branding and communication (and I wasn't disappointed), but I was surprised to find that it also gave me the courage to declare the truth about who I am and what I have to offer in a way that is succinct and powerful."  - Nick, President of

Don't like selling yourself? Tell a story.

Want more influence? Tell a story.

Want to build trust faster? Tell a story.

Find out how. Storytelling is a hack to trust, truth, and profit. And it may just be the most powerful tool in our leadership toolbox...that we’ve never used.

So how do you tell a 20-second business story? Follow the 1-2-1 Story Formula: 1 point, 2 halves, and 1 unforgettable detail. It’s the simplest way to tell a business or personal story. And it's the same formula used to train Fortune 500 leaders. So, welcome to your brand new storytelling life.