How to Avoid the Four Pitfalls of Decision Making ($20)

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"Now I'm thinking and analyzing before acting. I have slowed down but I am getting deeper." - Sarah, Netherlands

"Before this course, I was indecisive in making decisions, but now I'm more confident to make bigger decisions." - Deborah, Middle East

The bad news is that only 2% of managers follow best decision-making practices. The good news is that it is teachable. First, learn a process (see "How to Make Better Decisions" course as a prequel to this course). Then, figure out how your brain tricks you into making bad decisions over and over. The good news is that there are only four basic pitfalls. This will give you a checklist to avoid them next time. 

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Spot 25 cognitive biases in your decision-making process
  • Apply a decision-making checklist to avoid the four common pitfalls