How to Lead Agile Change ($20)

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"You need to publish this. Seriously." - Akshay, TEDx speaker

McKinsey Corporation estimates that 70% of organizational change programmes fail!

And that’s after they’ve hired groups like McKinsey, paid them a million dollars, invested 12 months, and stressed themselves out. It’s ‘the master plan approach’ and it’s broken. There’s got to be another way.

In my PhD on systemic change, I discovered an alternative approach. It did not exist in any book, but I saw it being practiced by some of the world's best companies. Instead of a master plan, it followed the principles of systems thinking and strategic leverage points:  

Don’t go big — go small.

Don’t go high-risk — go low-risk.

Don’t go expensive — go cheap.

Welcome to Leverage: a low-cost, low-stress, low-risk approach to organisational change. 

Plus a Leverage workbook to help you apply the nine leverage points to the conundrum of your organization.