How to Test if Your Strategy is Sound ($20)

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"Earlier I was depending on experts, but now I can follow these strategies in taking decisions." - Nazim, Egypt

 "This course has taught me to be brave and STOP! THINK! Why are we doing what we are doing? Can it be done in a more strategic and impactful way?" - Dana, Israel

Most strategies are 80% perfect, but it's the 20% that kills you.  So, is there a more reliable way to test if our strategy is sound before launching? One that anybody can use, exposes our blindspots, and is based on research. The strategy checklist synthesizes the insights of 100s of experts, not just the few in your office, and neatly summarizes them in 15 strategy questions that anybody can use to spot problems before they become problems.

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Contrast the two approaches to strategy audits
  • Identify blindspots in your strategic plan based on a 15-point checklist