How to Start a Strategic Plan ($20)

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“Before this course I approached strategic thinking using only intuition and experience. After this course I have a scientific structured approach to strategic planning.” - Hassan, Egypt

“Sometimes we work in silos... Now, the three of us will see how we can work on a joint plan.” - Syed, India

Lots of people talk about strategic planning, but the real question is: can you do it? Most books on strategic planning are unnecessarily complicated and unnecessarily long. But if you know how to plan a road-trip, you can lead a strategic plan. It’s the same process: decide where you want to go (vision), figure out where you are (current situation), and plan your route (strategy) given your constraints (mission). So if you are feeling overwhelmed, come back to these four universal steps.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Apply systems thinking to your current context
  • Facilitate your team in a de-mystified strategic planning process