How to Make Better Decisions (Free)

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"Before I was not using a process for decision making but now I have a good toolset and know some processes." - Boaz, Middle East

"I was delaying my big decisions, but now I am determined to take big decisions with confidence." - Ross, Houston TX

"Before this course, I was running with a zillion things to do. After this course, I make a conscious decision to take the time to STOP, THINK, REFLECT and then MAKE a DECISION." - Dana, Israel

If I were to summarize everything I know about decision-making in one sentence, it is this: don’t look for certainty, take calculated risks that limit the downside. Certainty is not possible. But if you think probabilistically, you can operate well with uncertainty. Second, follow a decision-making process Unfortunately, only 2% of managers follow best decision-making practices, but by adopting a process it will improve your decisions more than analysis by a factor of six (Lovallo & Sibony 2010).

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Synthesize 250 years of decision making models, e.g. pro-con list, SWOT, etc.
  • Apply a simple four-step process to your toughest decisions