How to Change Complex Systems ($20)

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"Before I didn't have a way of defining and analyzing the situation, but now I have a plan for spending the same effort to multiply the impact to 10X." - Malik, Middle East

Tools to map a complex system tend to be limited by one of three factors: 

(1) Not comprehensive: SWOT Analysis is the most popular tool, but it tends to overlook human nature, which typically is at the centre of system malfunctions.

(2) Not intuitive: Systems Mapping is comprehensive, but it tends to be too difficult for teams to use with its engineering-like models of stocks, flows, and feedback loops.

(3) Not practical: We think that if we have a list of all the issues then somehow that tells us what the priority should be. No, it gives you a list. 

Mindset Mapping is a new tool that puts human nature at the centre, simplifies complex systems, and gives actionable insight. In a simple, three step model it will help you discern the flywheels of a system - the small, almost imperceptible behaviours that reinforce your vicious cycle and how to turn it into a virtuous cycle. Mindset Mapping will help you understand how to change your family system, your organization, and even your country. 

At the end of this course, you will be able to: 

  • Compare the strengths and weaknesses of seven tools for analysing complex systems
  • Identify “nudges” within the environment with the potential to compound and spread