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Here's what else is included in the 14-video Leverage course:

  1. Problem: Why are we content with a 30% success rate? 
  2. Perspective: A three minute history of organizational change
  3. Diagnosis: Why the 'master plan' approach doesn't work
  4. Technology: How Uber liberalized Saudi Arabia
  5. Strengths: How to 6X employee engagement
  6. Incentives: How Airbnb beat the Marriott in 1/9 the time
  7. Dignity: How one CEO turned around a 135 year old company
  8. Feedback loops: How Ebay created trust
  9. Scaling: How Tesla took over the world
  10. Stories: How Tata made goodness fashionable
  11. Service: How Zappos became a 'great place to work'
  12. Focus: How to become the 'CEO of the century'
  13. Solution: CXOs, stop making decisions until you've got systems thinking
  14. Resources: The best of the best (including videos for you non-readers)

Plus your Leverage Workbook that you can keep forever-and-ever.

"Leverage is more than mere knowledge; it is something that you want to become. It motivated me to become the change I want to see. 


Deputy Commissioner in the Gov't of South Africa

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