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Hi, I'm Dr. Kevin Brinkmann

I read a lot - 107 books last year.

I think a lot.

And I help ambitious, ethical professionals lead change in their personal lives and their companies.

Here's how: online training that is normally only available to the "World Banks" of the world (i.e. those with a huge budget). 


"This course was revolutionary for me." - Karen, a busy mom

Seriously, what if it were possible? See what Socrates, Seneca, Jesus, and J.K. Rowling can teach us about this new kind of life.


"Now I know how to build long-lasting client relationships." - Amit, PwC

TOMS Shoes built a half-billion dollar company... on a great story. Chanel sells $5000 handbags... because it tells a better story. Harley Davidson creates raving fans... because it tells a cult-like story. What do they know that we don't?


"You need to publish this. Seriously." - Akshay, TEDx speaker

McKinsey Corporation estimates that 70% of change management programmes fail. It's not because companies are dumb, but the approach is broken. This is an alternative approach.

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